My jewelry bench is my happy place.

I love experimenting with alternative materials such as reclaimed glass, color and texture (powdercoating, patinas, rollerprinting and etching, for example), and complex fabrication involving cold connections and modular design. I draw inspiration from botany and vintage and antique jewelry.
The combination of rollerprinted lace and typically "finer" materials gives a classic piece a natural-feeling element. I am inspired by patterns found in nature; sometimes rollerprinted lace resembles snake skin or the vein pattern of a leaf or a butterfly wing. Or combining pearls with a powdercoated flower where I have distressed the edges. The charm of my aesthetic lies in the juxtaposition of something traditionally valued as something delicate and fine with a rough and industrial detail, revealing the strength and raw power in beauty.
Every detail is done by hand- everything is hand cut/pierced and finished. In the last two years I have utilized skills learned at the Baltimore Jewelry center where I took classes from introduction to metals through advanced fabrication techniques classes- I am passionate about learning traditional metalsmithing techniques and then experimenting with new methods. In this collection of work, I have used powedercoating, electrolytic etching, rivets, bezel setting, forming, torch soldering, piercing, chasing and rollerprinting. I do not always have access to a studio, so some inventiveness is required but overcoming the challenge only adds to the creative process.

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